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Outline of Department of Information Sciences

What is information? To define it exactly is more difficult than one can imagine. Thus, the goal of the Department of Information Sciences is to define "what is information" from a scientific perspective as information will become the essential reference for people and social organizations in decision-making. It is fundamental for the 21st century information-oriented society to conduct academic researches to collect, produce, distribute, process, store and retrieve, as well as present its reliable information. We will help you explore and learn in terms of Information Mathematics and Information Processing.

Faculty Members

Name of Faculty Main Classes
Kenichi Asai (Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Data Structures and Algorithms," "Functional Programming", "Language Theory and Automata", "Compiler Construction", etc. From basics of algorithms, how to write correct programs, theory of programming languages, to construction of language processors such as interpreters. and compilers.
Noriko Asamoto (Professor)
"Seminar on Computer Algebra"
Takayuki Itoh (Professor)
Laboratotory HomePage
"Multimedia", "Computer Vision", "Computer Graphics", etc. Explanation of techniques such as: processing of photographs, video, and audio contents, by using computer, digital camera, or mobile phones; Visualize all kinds of information in an understandable way.
Masato Oguchi(Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Fundamental Seminar on Computer", "Computer Network I", "Computer Network II", "Information Sciences". Practice that will build virtual internet environment to understand topics relating to networks such as mechanism of the internet, and advanced computing research using IT networks.
Ichiro Kobayashi (Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Introduction to Data Analysis", "Theory of Artificial Intelligence", "Theory of Natural Language", etc. Explanation and application for robotic technology which is capable of artificial intelligence and languages.
Hiroaki Yoshida (Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Introduction to Probability Theory", "Information Theory", etc.
Yuki Igarashi (Associate Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Human Interface", "Practical Training of Multimedia Programming". Methods and practical lessons to build a computer program that is user-friendly.
Masaatsu Kasukawa (Associate Professor)
"Computer Architecture I", "Computer Architecture II", "Information Ethics".
Kazue Kudo (Associate Professor)
"Linear Algebra 1,2,3,4,", "Numerical Computation", etc.
Daisuke Bekki (Associate Professor)
Laboratory HomePage
"Fundamentals of Mathematics", "Topology", "Formal Language Theory", "Analysis for Information Sciences"
Nathanaël Aubert-Kato(Lecturer)
Laboratory HomePage
“Excercises in Programming”, “Software Engineering”
Atsuki Nagao(Lecturer)
Lab Home Page
"Exercises in System Programming", "Theory of Computation". We study the way to classify problems through studying "what is COMPUTATION".
Tsubasa Kohyama (Assistant Professor)
Lab Home Page
"Calculus5・6", "Computer Science for Environmental Science". Here we learn how to use calculus and vectors to describe our world (finally!). We will understand the mathematical essence of everyday phenomena (e.g., kinematics, chemical reactions, dynamics of biological systems, love, flow of fluids, electromagnetism) and how to apply them to information sciences."

Former Faculty Members

Name of Faculty Main Classes
Jun Sese (Associate Professor)
moved to AIST in Oct. 2015
Mariko Hagita (Professor)
(Until 2011. Currently in
the Department of Mathematics)
"Graph Theory," "Information Algebra," "Combinatorial Theory,"
Chiemi Watanabe (Lecturer)
moved to Tsukuba Univ. in May 2013
"Theory of Database Design".
Suguru Saitoh (Associate Professor)
moved to Tokyo Tech Univ. in Apr. 2016
"Exercises in Programming," Computer Graphics"
Hiroshi Kori (Associate Professor)
moved to Tokyo Univ. in Sep. 2018
"Calculus 5,6,", "Computer Science for Environmental Science, " "Fourier analysis and Laplace transformation"

Honorary Professors

Honorary Professors Main Research Area
Toshiko Koyama Categorical Theory, Code Theory
Haruo Hosoya Computational Chemistry, Applied Graph Theory
Koji Sato Computational Physics, Quantum Simulation
Yoshihumi Masunaga Database
Hukiko Takeo Dynamic System, Chaotic Theory
Yuji Kasahara Stochastic Process Theory
Akira Kaneko Applied Mathematics
Tetsuya Kawamura Computational Fluid Dynamics
Itiro Siio Human-Computer Interaction

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