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All Research Projects of Yuki IGARASHI (nee MORI)

BandWeavy: Interactive Modeling for Craft Band Design
(IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 39(5),96-103,2019
(SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 poster)
Computational Design of Iris Folding Patterns
(Computational Visual Media, PG2016 Short Papers)
An Interactive System for Original Necklace Design
(SIGGRAPH 2016 Posters)
Patchy: An Interactive Patchwork Design System
(SIGGRAPH 2015 Posters)
Interactive Card Weaving Design and Construction
(SIGGRAPH 2013 Talks, Studio)
Interactive Hexagonal Mesh Editing for Beadwork Design
(SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 poster)
Beady: Interactive Beadwork Design and Construction.
(ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2012))
Handicrafts Design Support Systems for Creative Homemaking Education.
Journal of Japan Society for Graphics Science, 46(1), 2012.
DECO: A Designing Editor for Rhinestone Decoration
(IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, September/October 2011 issue)
Cover Geometry Design using Multiple Convex Hulls
(International Journal of Computer-Aided Design 43(9), 2011)
Designing a new toy to fit other toy pieces
- A shape-matching toy design based on existing building blocks -

(The 14th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics,
ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Poster)
Holly: A Drawing Editor for Stencil Design
(IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, July/August 2010 )
Interactive Cover Design Considering Physical Constraints
(Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2009))
Implementing As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation and Surface Flattening
(Journal of Graphics, GPU, & Game Tools, 14(1),17-30, 2009)
Knitting a 3D Model
(Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2008))

Automatically Adding Seam Allowance to Cloth Pattern
(SIGGRAPH 2008 poster)

ACM Student Research Competition Semi Finalist

Knitty: 3D Modeling of Knitted Animals with a Production Assistant Interface.
(Eurographics 2008 Short Paper)
Plushie: An Interactive Design System for Plush Toys
(ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2007))
Pillow: Interactive Flattening of a 3D Model for Plush Toy Design
(SIGGRAPH 2006 sketch, Smart Graphics 2008)
A Pen-based Interface for Generating Graphical Reports of Findings in Cardiac Catheterization.
(Methods of Information in Medicine)

the Eurographics 2007 Medical Prize Award (2nd Place)

Knitted Pattern Generation using Detection of an Image Feature Point
(Interaction 2006 in Japan)
Animal Music:
A Music Selection Interface using Vision-based Object Recognition

(Interaction 2006 in Japan)
Automatic Cross-Sectioning Based on Volume Skeleton Trees
(SIGGRAPH 2005 poster, SmartGraphics 2005)

ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finalist Award (1st Place)
ACM Student Research Competition Award (1st Place)

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