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Patchy: An Interactive Patchwork Design System

Yuki Igarashi and Jun Mitani

Patchwork is a well-known type of needlework that involves sewing pieces of fabric into a larger design. It is commonly used to form quilts, but can also be used to make bags, wall hangings, cushion covers, and other items. Larger designs are usually based on repeating patterns, which are built up using different shapes. Professional patchwork designers design original patterns; however, novice users usually use geometric patterns or off-the-shelf patterns for each piece; this is because it is difficult for novices to design patterns while visualizing the resulting larger fabric. Here we propose an interactive system to assist the design of original patchwork patterns. The user designs original patchwork strokes with our system. The user can design original patchwork patterns using various fabric colors through a process of trial and error.


Example patterns designed using Patchy system.


movie [MPEG-4 (3.5MB)]

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Yuki Igarashi and Jun Mitani. "Patchy: An Interactive Patchwork Design System." ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Posters, Los Angeles, Aug. 2015. PDF

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