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DECO: A Designing Editor for Rhinestones Decoration

Yuki Igarashi

Rhinestone decoration is popular with young people. They enjoy applying rhinestone decorations to personal goods, such as notebook PCs, mobile phones and digital cameras. However, novices often find rhinestone decorations difficult to design, as the user must consider stroke length, stone width, and stone spacing. Hence, many people employ off-the-shelf design sheets or have their items decorated by an in-store professional. We have developed an interactive designing editor for rhinestone decoration. The user interactively draws freeform strokes on the canvas. The system then automatically generates a virtual rhinestone image, in which none of the stones overlap. Using our system, the user can create the designs interactively at the computer. Our system also creates a physical rhinestone pattern to help novice users to construct real rhinestone.


movie [MPEG4 (4.6MB)]

Workshop at Miraikan, Japan


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