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Pixel Art Adaptation for Handicraft Fabrication

Yuki Igarashi and Takeo Igarashi

Knitting and weaving patterns can be visually represented as pixel art. With hand knitting and weaving, human error (shifting, duplicating, or skipping pixels) can occur during manual fabrication. It is too costly to change already-fabricated pixels, so experts often adapt pixels that have not yet been fabricated to make the errors less visible. This paper proposes an automatic adaptation process to minimize visual artifacts. The system presents multiple adaptation possibilities to the user, who can choose the proposed adaptation or untie and re-fabricate their work. In typical handicraft fabrication, the design is complete before the start of fabrication and remains fixed during fabrication. Our system keeps updating the design during fabrication to tolerate human errors in the process. We implemented the proposed algorithm in a system that visualizes the knitting pattern, cross-stitching and bead weaving processes.


Results obtained using the proposed algorithm.

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Yuki Igarashi and Takeo Igarashi. Pixel Art Adaptation for Handicraft Fabrication. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2022), 41-Issue 7, 2022. PDF
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